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Because there are limited natural resources to go around, we make them go around and around...
Canadian Solar’s Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2016 reveals a commitment to social and environmental considerations that runs broad and deep. It was completed in line with the international standard for sustainability reports, the Global Reporting Initiative G4, and demonstrates our firm commitment to making the difference. Highlights featured include:
Economic highlights 2016:
  • Canadian Solar was awarded the distinction of best price / performance ratio, highest module quality and highest likelihood of being recommended in the IHS Markit solar customer survey.
  • Total GW of modules sold increased 10.6% from 4.7 GW in 2015 to 5.2 GW in 2016
Environmental highlights 2016:
  • Energy generation from our PV plants in the UK, Canada, Japan, Spain and the USA increased by 2005%.
  • Energy consumption decreased 5.8%, even as sales increased 10.6%
  • Water use per MW produced decreased from 1,138 M3 in 2014 to 550 M3 in 2016
  • 41% less CO2 used for producing per module compared to 2011, as confirmed by Solstyce
Social highlights 2016:
  • Canadian Solar was heralded as Canada‘s Most Attractive Employer in the 2016 Randstad Awards
  • More than 755 new jobs created in 2016
  • More than 11,000 staff members were trained in 2016, 100% of employees

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