Grid Tie Inverter Repair

Solar Power Inverter Repair and Service.

Here at Green Solar Electric we specialize in repair and service most major brands of Solar Power Inverters.

When you contact Green Solar Electric for Solar Inverter Repair, we’ll walk you through a number of simple checks to narrow down the problem. In some cases the problem could be as simple as a tripped breaker or even a faulty breaker, resetting the inverter can solve some problems as well. We will help you determine weather your Power Inverter will need to be repaired or replaced.


Inverter Brands and models we repair:


Sunny Boy SWR2500u, SWR1800U, SWR2100U, SB3000U, SB3800u, SB6000U, SB3000US, SB3800US, SB4000US, SB5000US, SB6000US, SB7000US, and all other models.


Fronius, IG 2000, IG 3000, IG 4000, IG 5100, as well as all other models.


Sharp Sun Vista, JH-3500U.

Trace / Xantrex

SW2512, SW4024, SW3024, SW4048, SW3048, SW5548, SW4548E.


Common failures. 


  • Earth Current, Can some times be corrected by Resetting Inverter
  • E-prom Error
  • Green Light on operational but no output.
  • Flashing green light forever stuck in waiting mode. 


  • Power board failure 
  • Control module failure
  • GFCI circuit failure

Trace / Xantrex:

  • Fan Failure
  • Damage due to rodents
  • Charger Circuit failure


  • Fan Failure
  • Control board failure



Contact us for the current list of available Inventory.

  • Most Inverter repairs cost from $300-$500 
  • We require a Nonrefundable $200 dollar deposit on all Repairs. The deposit goes towards the cost of the Repairs, and for inspection of the Inverter. 
  • All repaired Inverters come with a 90-day Warranty.
  • Shipping is not covered under Warranty.

Please Note: not all Inverters are repairable, in the event that your Inverter is not repairable, we will apply your deposit towards the purchase of a New or Refurbished Inverter when available.

To get your Inverter repaired please fill out the contact form below. 
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