Green Solar Electric is a family-owned enterprise dedicated to providing a sustainable source of electric energy to all. We do this by harnessing the renewable power of the sun to help our customers save money on their electric bill while reducing their carbon footprint.



We believe the Earth’s environment and resources are extremely important.  Our aim is to preserve Earth’s resources for future generations. We recycle for a better tomorrow.



People want the freedom to control and manage their home’s energy generation and costs. Solar power gives them that freedom. We know that a lot of people would like to install solar but can’t afford it. Our mission is to provide affordable solar solutions for all. We offer a range of new and used products to help make this possible for both contractors and the DIY individual. We also fix and recycle inverters, helping to limit your impact on the environment.


We believe in offering high quality service and fair prices. We are happy to assist our customers so that they can make informed choices. Our success depends on our customers’ satisfaction.



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