Prosolar, Solar Racking Installation Tool, Solar Panel Mounting Structure.

ProSolar EZ Drill Guide Base

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Product Description:
ProSolar, EZ Drill Guide Base, Red anodized aluminum base with bronze bushings, GT-DRILL BASE.


  • Specially designed drill guides perfectly positions drill for U-bolt hole drilling
  • Machined windows allow for easy placement over snap-line reference markers
  • Locks RoofTrac® rail in place over pipe 
  • Drill Guide and Bit sold separately


ProSolar EZ Drill guide will save you time installing your Solar System, and ensure your holes are spaced correctly. This is a must have for installers using ProSolar.

    • Benefits of  EZ Pilot Hole Drill Guide
    • Used to drill required pilot holes for lag bolts
    • Includes both 3/16" and 1/4" drill guides (3/16" guide for 5/16" lag bolt and 1/4" for 3/8" lag bolts)
    • Red anodized aluminum base design

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