Outback Power Systems, FLEXpowerTWO, Dual VFXR3648A-01

  • $7,719.99

OutBack Power Systems

Manufacturer Part Number:
FP2 VFXR3648A-01

Product Description:
Outback, FLEXpowerTWO, Dual VFXR3648A-01, 7.2kW FLEXpower TWO, prewired AC & DC boxes with AC bypass 175A DC breakers, PNL-GFDI-80D and 80 Amp charge controller breakers, HUB 10.3, RTS, FLEXnet DC, surge protectors plus 2 FLEXmax 80 MPPT controllers, MATE3-S and brackets , UL1741-SA, FP2 VFXR3648A-01



OutBack Power's Venter Solar Power Inverter Mobile and Marine (M-Series) inverter/charger provides the high performance and reliability you need no matter where your travels take you. Their die-cast metal construction allows mounting in any position, even upside down. The required AC input neutral/ground switching is taken care of by a fully integrated 30 amp AC transfer switch for shore chord or generator hook-up. Three circuit boards and a simple design make field servicing the unit easy no matter where you are. Rigorous testing at OutBack's factory ensures that each inverter/charger works the first time, as well as for many years to come.


  • True sine wave output
  • Intelligent battery charging
  • Modular stackable design
  • Weather-resistant sealed chassis
  • Corrosion-resistant internal components
  • Standard 5-year warranty


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