Outback Radian GSLC Battery Inverter wiring panel, Off Grid or Grid Tied, for use with 48volt radian series inverters.

Outback Power Systems, Radian Prewired GS Load Center

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OutBack Power Systems 

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Outback, Radian Prewired GS Load Center with two 175A breakers, dual 80A GFDI and PV breakers for two charge controllers, FLEXnet DC and three 500A shunts, 2-pole 120/240VAC 50A bypass breakers, 2, 2-pole 120/240VAC 50A input breakers, 10 busbars, Polished Finish, GSLC175-PV-120/240 



    The GSLC175-120/240 is a balance-of-systems enclosure intended to work with the Radian Series (GS) inverter/chargers, FLEXmax Charge Controllers, and OutBack HUB Communications Manager.


    • GSLC: This is a basic or "empty" version of the GSLC, recommended for custom-built or large scale systems. One GSLC per inverter.
    • GSLC175-120/240: Factory prepared with dual 175ADC inverter breakers, dual AC inputs and AC maintenance bypass. Ideal for systems with a single Radian inverter and an AC power source but can be customized in other ways.
    • GSLC175PV-120/240: Factory prepared with dual 175ADC inverter breakers, dual AC inputs, AC maintenance bypass, PV GFDI, and two PV array inputs, FLEXnet DC battery monitor and three shunts. “Plug and play” for systems which have a single Radian inverter and two charge controllers and need battery monitoring.

    The GSLC175-120/240 version of the GS Load Center requires some components to be purchased and installed if they are needed. A single 500A 50mV DC shunt is included.






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